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Copperhead County is a Southern noir game about organized crime and political corruption in a fictional slice of present-day Tennessee. Steal, deal, and pursue the American Dream in a place where whiskey and blood run together.

Copperhead County is Forged in the Dark, based on the beloved engine from Blades in the Dark and inspired by media like Breaking BadBetter Call Saul, and The Wire, plus contemporary crime fiction by the likes of Daniel Woodrell, Walter Mosley, Elmore Leonard, and Attica Locke.

Copperhead County is now a mostly-standalone PDF! The current PDF is a 153-page book with lots of content. This PDF is a living document and will continue to receive new art and content as the book is finalized. 

As of now, the current state of the game is Playtested, Playable, But A Little Rough — especially the farther we get out from the last big update. But I try to keep our devlog frequently updated so you'll know what's going on with the game, and stuff is always going on behind the scenes.

Need some shit to play with it? Your purchase also includes three "adventure modules" ready to launch a campaign or power a one-shot.

Play and experience:

  • Action! Steal things, chase cars, brawl goons, blow stuff up.
  • Drama! Explore your character's personal relationships and problems as they embark on their new career in organized crime.
  • Politics! Consider the legacy and present of the South, in its dueling majesty and horror. How do you feel about mountaintop removal mining, union organizing, and television news? Will you infiltrate the political machine to entrench your power, or smash it and reject authority?
  • MusicCopperhead County has two official soundtracks: a regular one and an extremely long one. Listen to the main soundtrack on Spotify (MORE STREAMING OPTIONS COMING SOON)!

Backing Copperhead County during the EA period is backing the final product. This game is 100% DIY-produced. There are no publishers or crowdfunding campaigns here. Your purchase goes directly to supporting, growing, and completing the game.

Created by Jason Eley
Additional writing and editing by Michael Crowley
Interior art and additional cartography by Adam Schwaninger
Cover and iconic character art by Dylan Choonhachat

Forged in the Dark

Blades in the Dark™ is a trademark of One Seven Design. The Forged in the Dark Logo is © One Seven Design, and is used with permission.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Best Brands Heist 12.05.21.pdf 357 kB
Collectible Card Grab 12.05.21.pdf 78 kB
Fundraiser Fandango 12.05.21.pdf 88 kB
Maps.zip 952 kB

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Copperhead County Online Playbooks
Copperhead County Sheets 04.23.22.pdf 380 kB
Copperhead County Sheets 08.24.22 (Experimental Branch).pdf 359 kB

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