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Homecoming + Labor Day Sale & More
Hello outlaws, Today marks the beginning of a dual sale: the Copperhead County Homecoming + Labor Day Sale ! Why is this? It's a Homecoming sale in honor of...
Exit 86 Has a New Home
Hey outlaws, If you downloaded Exit 86: An Official Copperhead County Unofficial Fiasco Playset from the CC page, be aware that I've moved it over to its own...
Hey outlaws, Do you like the artwork of Team Copperhead County 's Adam Schwaninger, but wish you could see more of it, in a game he designed... in space? Well...
Copperhead County Free RPG Day: The Collectible Card Scheme
Hello outlaws, Happy Free RPG Day! I have just uploaded a bonus free Copperhead County job module: The Collectible Card Scheme . The Collectible Card Scheme t...
v9 Online Sheets Update
Hello outlaws, The wait is over. The official Copperhead County online playbook sheets have been updated to v9. You may now play online in all of the v9 glory...
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Copperhead County v9
Hello outlaws, Happy holiday weekend! Copperhead County v9 is now available . This is a major update! I'm very excited for you to see it because it reflects a...
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Copperhead June: Factions!
Hello outlaws, It's been in the oven for a long time, but I've finally uploaded a substantial preview chapter from the final game. This is a big chunk of the F...
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May Update: Exit 86, An (Official) Copperhead County (Unofficial) Fiasco Playset
Hey outlaws, It's been a spell since my last update, because there's been little to update on. Life under quarantine, for me, is not conductive to writing an RP...
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