Ho ho ho, outlaws! Merry Crimesmas!

To celebrate the Itch Holiday Sale, Copperhead County is 20% off for the next two weeks.

But more importantly, Copperhead County is merely one of seven games in this HOLIDAY SEASON'S HOTTEST TABLETOP PRODUCT: the Forged in the Hearth bundle!

This bundle combines the strength of seven of this website's most powerful "Forged in the Dark" designers. You can get each of our games in one easy transaction for the low price of $50. That's $40 OFF our MSRPs!!! That's seven gotdang games! In one raggafraggin bundle! That's an even better deal than the Crimesmas sale!

In fact, even if you already own one or more of the included games, the price is so low that you're still saving money on the rest! It is truly a great bundle.

That's all for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if Santa Crimes, aka Jolly Old Saint Crook, brought you some additional December news before Crimesmas is done. Merry Crimesmas and Happy Haulidays to all!

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