February 3: Playbook Sheets v8.5

Hello outlaws,

Another update in February? Yes, shit is going down over here.

This is a partial update of the playbooks and other sheets to version 8.5, halfway between the current game version and the next one. I felt like doing this because I made a lot of cool updates and I wanted to show them off. But since the rest of the game has not yet been updated, I left the current v8 sheets available too.

A lot of the edits here are for special abilities. A lot of them have cleaned up language and a couple were simplified and made superior. The crews had their bonus xp trigger abilities moved to just their normal xp triggers and I replaced them with new abilities. The Wheeler has a new ability that's really cool.

While we're here, I want to give a special shout-out to my friend and colleague Michael Crowley, who contributed two really creative mechanics for the revamped Free Bird and the new Grease the Wheels. These were both cases where I had written a trigger but not the effect, and Michael used his powerful design brain to quickly come up with two extremely cool mechanics. Check them out.

Also, I updated all of the crew sheets to use the Captains system I have posted about a few times, and changed the "Deal" action to "Connect" as previously discussed on this devlog, and changed the "Coax" action to "Hustle" for alphabet purposes.

I included a patch notes .txt file that runs down these changes. If you want to play with them, refer to that .txt, bear with me, and be cool. If you don't, the current sheets v8 are still fine. But... there's a lot of cool stuff on the v8.5 sheets.

I haven't updated the online Google sheets yet, because to be honest, those things are a huge pain in the ass to update. I might do it this weekend.

Now, a lot of stuff changed, and it's.... pretty likely that I fucked something up. If you notice something fucked up, you can post in the forums or tweet at me, please.

I don't have any more cool art to show off today, so that's it. I'm making up for a frustrating winter by having a highly productive February, so you may see more updates before the month is through.

Thank you for supporting this weird game. I'm excited about these updates and a bunch of new stuff you haven't seen yet and more new work yet to come. Sometimes the RPG biz is frustrating but sometimes it's cool, too.

"I laid three dimes down and the machine wanted 25 cents."


Copperhead County Sheets v8-5 02-13-2020.pdf 1 MB
Feb 14, 2020
Feb 14, 2020

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