Copperhead June: Factions!

Hello outlaws,

It's been in the oven for a long time, but I've finally uploaded a substantial preview chapter from the final game. This is a big chunk of the Factions chapter, focusing on the Local Factions—those factions who are based within, and operate out of, Copperhead County—in contrast to the mysterious and powerful Outside Factions, who will remain in the shadows for now.

Besides, you know, the world ending around us, one reason this took so long to cook is because it's a fucking lot of content. I started this process by assembling a final list of all of the factions that would go into the final game. I ended up cutting a full eleven, some of which were pretty sad cuts. These cut factions aren't forgotten; they will just go into the setting chapter somewhere else as NPCs and organizations which exist, but do not merit inclusion as a fully detailed faction. Then some factions were renamed, some were mixed up together, some were reimagined, and a couple of new ones were added for fun.

After those cuts, I ended up with 32 Local Factions, plus 8 Outside Factions, to receive full writeups. Those 32 Locals are what you'll find in the new preview document. Getting those 32 together for you wasn't just a matter of copying them from the current EA doc to the book doc. Each one has been reformatted, made about twice as long as before, and rewritten from the ground up. Also, the chapter includes several beautiful artworks from our friend Adam Schwaninger.

So after all that, these factions are now much expanded, much better, and much spicier than before. If you own the game, you'll find the preview document in the game files (along with an updated faction tracker sheet). If you don't, or are just impatient, you can check out a few preview pages here.

A Couple of Things to Donate To

You don't need me to tell you that things are fucked up lately, nor what to support, but I would like to give an extra plug to my hometown Nashville Community Bail Fund.

I'd also like to plug the Kentucky Senate campaign of Charles Booker, who is running in the Democratic primary on a pro-BLM, pro-M4A, pro-GND platform. Kentucky's primary is on June 23rd, the same day as New York—but if you follow progressive electoral politics online, you've probably heard a lot more about New York than Kentucky. Booker is running the campaign I hope Democrats across the South will run, and I'm jealous he lives in Kentucky, because Tennessee desperately needs leadership that gives a shit about the state from the hood to the holler.

That's All

That's all for now. Next, I want to do an update for the EA doc that will delete the old factions entirely, and also include some other recent additions and fixes. Stay tuned for more news.


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Jun 05, 2020

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