Homecoming + Labor Day Sale & More

Hello outlaws,

Today marks the beginning of a dual sale: the Copperhead County Homecoming + Labor Day Sale! Why is this?

It's a Homecoming sale in honor of my recent return to Tennessee, the home of Copperhead County, after a spell in the Northwest. It's been a rough while driving across the COVID-infested wasteland of the USA,  but now I am set up and ready to resume work in the place where Copperhead County was born, lo some years ago.

Also, it's Labor Day Weekend, and Copperhead County supports Labor Day. So the game is 20% off for the next week!


This week also marked Copperhead County's achievement of a minor, albeit satisfying, milestone. So far in its life as a paid Early Access title, Copperhead County has now raised a whopping $3,000 American dollars. That may not seem like much in the big-money, capital-fueled world of indie roleplaying games (and how I wish that were actually a joke), but I'm extremely thankful to everyone who has helped me get this far. I'm not one to promote myself or my projects or jump through all of the hoops you have to jump though for RPG riches. I just want to live on the mountain, whittling my game, and you've made that possible.


So, given that Copperhead County seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train, I think it's worth spelling out the future a bit.

First, this is itCopperhead County is not in EA on Itch.io as a precursor to launching a Kickstarter or finding a traditional publisher. I am the publisher of Copperhead County, and in that capacity I give you my solemn vow that this game will never, ever be on Kickstarter. That's just not how I operate. By getting in this car now, you're getting the whole journey.

Second, we're in the homestretch of the digital book. The game is now nearly design-complete, and ahead of me is simply the boring business of finishing the book.  Who knows when it will get done, given the hell year of 2020 and my being the sole person working on its content. But we're getting there!

Third, more art. I'm also taking this opportunity to double down on original art and get even more of it into the book. I recently decided to replace all of the photography I had been using with art, and as time goes on you'll see more of it from official Copperhead County artist Adam Schwaninger.

Fourth, I don't know what will happen with print. If you're interested in print, sound off. The book is being made with an eye towards print, but I don't know the best way for me to do that. I'm pretty uninterested in being on DriveThruRPG, home of the 35% revenue cut, but obviously that's the main place for POD. It might be that, depending on interest, I do my own print run and fulfill it from Copperhead County HQ. We'll see.


That's it. Thanks for hanging in there! If you like this game and would like to help it succeed, please spread the word to your friends.

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I'd love a print copy!

What about Lu Lu press? 

I've heard their quality is good but I haven't used them. I got a book through Lightning Source recently and was impressed at the quality.

I have had 2 things from them, Hollow Point which was really impressive & Fist Full of Darkness, which everything was really good with except the paper which felt like blotting paper. I'm assuming you can specify the paper you want your product produced with. 

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I for sure need a print cop

Edit: print copy. No cops, not even print cops.