Copperhead County v10 Update

Hello outlaws,

The Copperhead County v10 update is now live. This is a medium-sized update and will most likely be the final update to the EA version of the game! Read on if you care to learn about the nuts and bolts.

The main thing that happens in v10 is a revision of the Business/Claims system, which I am now calling the Schemes system. This was the last part of the game with which I was not fully satisfied. I had used it successfully in past campaigns, but in my current campaign we hadn't been interacting with it much—but we were still doing things that I wanted to see reflected in the CC version of Claims. In the v9 update, I did some small tinkers that I hoped would satisfy me, but it still gnawed at me and I developed this update over a lot of brainstorming.

Basically, the Schemes system works much like the previous system, but is now a freeform jazz odyssey. Instead of a list of unlockables, it's much simplified into establishing either a Business (a legal or illegal income-generating enterprise) or a Deal (an agreement with another entity). There's guidance about both, and some of the previous claims were converted into examples (and the final text will, I imagine, have yet more examples in it).  

A primary design goal of Copperhead County is to embrace and expand upon the freeform, fiction-first nature of FitD gaming, rather than prescribing your campaign into narrow avenues, and I realized the previous system wasn't succeeding at that. I think the new approach is a lot simpler and cleaner and more responsive to whatever wacky hijinx may occur in your games. I think it will also be more supportive of alternate settings that may have different criminal assumptions, from my own planned 1970s expansion to other secret projects which may someday exist.

Next, the official playlist got a revamp with some added and rearranged tracks. Check out the best official playlist in RPGs!

Also, I also revised both of the included modules. The Collectible Card Scheme is now called The Collectible Card Grab to avoid confusion with the Schemes system, and The Best Brands Heist was fully revamped to the same good module format as TCCG, with a few new bits added as well.

Finally, I added a NEW, FREE PREVIEW VERSION of the game. This FREE PREVIEW VERSION contains rules changes and game setup, but only very mild setting information and none of the rest of the paid content. But if you know someone who is Copperhead County curious, or indeed yourself fall into that category, you may point them or yourself to the FREE PREVIEW VERSION and download it FOR FREE.

That's all for now! If you have any questions or comments about Copperhead County, head over to the message board and sound off.

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