Copperhead County May v6 Update

Copperhead County v6 has been released. This isn't the big standalone release yet, but I felt there was enough new content that I should update the Early Access game rather than continuing to sit on it. This will most likely be the final EA update!

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  • I've added in a new Campaign Tracker sheet, which ties into an expanded Trouble system during downtime, which ties into an overarching plot tracker for the GM to use. I wrote about this in my April update.
  • Because of those Trouble changes, I also revisited some special abilities, and gave Claims another round of polish.
  • I rewrote a lot of the Playing Copperhead County chapter, especially about arrests and justice, to be clearer and better. There's also some fun new stuff in there about retirement.
  • There's a lot of new art and I revamped a lot of the photography.
  • If you're playing a Hazard, you'll want to note that Medic was slightly nerfed. I did this to make the overall Recovery rules work better. Sorry!!
  • The second rules reference sheet was revamped. It is now the Downtime Rules Reference sheet. This makes explicit some structural changes to the game which, as far as I'm concerned, have been in there for a long time because that's how I GM, but as far as anyone else knew, were not. Basically, rather than the Blades approach of having three distinct phases of play (free play-score-downtime), Copperhead County expands the downtime phase and treats free play as part of it. Downtime is the phase of the game where you're not on a job and can pursue free actions and longer-term activities. This just kind of simplifies the flow of the game and makes downtime satisfyingly beefy. Ideally, downtime should be full of personal drama and crew intrigues, like a proper episode of your hypothetical Copperhead County TV series.
  • Cohort changes: I've always felt like Experts were a little wimpy, so I buffed them. Crew Experts now get to do a free downtime activity. This used to be an Outfit special ability, but is now just a core rule. Outfit abilities got moved around a bit as a result.
  • I revamped the Best Brands Heist module a bit to be a more stand-alone, lore-light adventure.
  • Trauma is called Burnout now.


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May 15, 2019
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May 15, 2019

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