Copperhead County June Update + Go Play NW

Hey outlaws,

Here's a bit of Copperhead County news for June.


Most importantly, Team Copperhead County will be at Seattle's Go Play NW in force. This con takes place over July 4th weekend and will feature two scheduled CC games: one run by me on Sunday afternoon, and one run by CC contributor Michael Crowley (and featuring me as a player) on Saturday night

And aside from those games, I will be around all weekend, so maybe I'll run some pick-up games if the public demands it! This is your best chance ever to hobnob with us, and perhaps your only chance ever to play with me at a con, since I rarely leave my mountain home.


You'll also see a couple more updates this month as I get new stuff ready for GPNW.

  1. I'm working on a new 'module' to debut at the con, which I'll include in the game materials around the same time. This one, called Exit 96, is not a standalone sample job like the beloved Best Brands Heist. Instead, it's a mini-sandbox with several highlighted locations, NPCs, and job ideas. This will be very cool, and there's a strong possibility of us making more content like this in the future!
  2. Perhaps most excitingly, I'm also working on a visual redesign of the player and crew playbooks, in collaboration with a master of playbook design. I want to debut these at the con, so you can see them there, or see them in your inbox around the same time.


That's all for now, but you should see this stuff + get some other news within the next few weeks.

See ya!

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